Err… By the time I became or at least self-claimed to be a naturist, Corona pandemic hit the earth. Many nudist resorts were closed and I still haven’t got any chances of participating any nude affairs or events… However, since attending some events like WNBR is definitely on my todo list, I start researching nudist resorts and common etiquettes and maybe later I could have my own nudist resort or a couch for fellow nudists. haha …  Many nudist resorts are located in secluded areas, amid beautiful nature. However, this can make some guests feel unsure of what to expect at their first visit. If you plan on opening a nudist resort for the first time, it’s important to be aware of how the guest’s comfort level will be taken care of during the stay.

Almost 73% of the total population of Germany finds naturist resorts helpful. 

Naturist resorts are becoming more and more popular in the United States. Some researchers state that there has been very little awareness about nude resorts because of inadequacy for privacy. But many people still feel uncomfortable about visiting these places. If you’re thinking of opening a naturist resort, there are ways that you can make the guest feel at ease. Here’s how:

1. Clothing-optional is not lewd-optional

When you work at a clothing-optional facility, the first thing that comes to mind when you see new guests arrive is “here’s another person who has come here to be aroused”.

You’re wrong! If your resort had hundreds of people like this coming around every day, they would all go broke because no one in their right mind would pay a high entry fee AND a daily fee for this kind of entertainment.

Clothing-optional means that guests can decide whether or not they want to wear clothes in the common areas and guest rooms. This does not mean that everyone will choose to remain naked throughout their stay! Most visitors are very much surprised by how much they enjoy wearing clothes in the pool, the spa and at the beach… you know why? Because they are able to be naked whenever they want in their rooms!

This is one of your resort’s greatest features. Whenever you notice that a guest is not comfortable staying naked in public areas for any reason, offer them ways to switch into comfortable clothes whenever they like (for instance, private changing cabins). If they would rather stay nude but prefer it if someone else could keep an eye on their belongings while doing so, show them where you can rent lockers or ask whether there is something happening back home that they don’t want anyone to see (such as their kids’ birthday party) and propose bringing them black-out curtains for their lanai (balcony).

Naked vacation - dinning naked
Naked vacation - dinning naked

2. Some nudists prefer clothes-on activities

Not everyone is comfortable wearing their birthday suit all day long. When they feel cold or need privacy for personal reasons, let them wear clothes if they want to! Remind your guests that there are no clothing rules at your destination (except for any legal ones), and tell them that wearing clothes doesn’t mean they’re not welcome; It just means that they are using this opportunity to be clothed rather than naked right now, but both options are available whenever they want.

If some people prefer to be clothed, let them! It doesn’t make them any less of a nudist if they are more comfortable wearing clothes for certain activities. Clothing is an option, not a requirement.

3. Accept that you can't know why they are not comfortable being naked

Some of your guests will feel more comfortable staying naked always, but some may feel awkward. Accept that you can’t know why they are not comfortable being naked whenever they wish to be and treat them the same way you would any other guest that has never been nude around strangers before.

If a guest who stays in a bungalow or hut complains about feeling uncomfortable when others sunbathe in the common area (where nudity is allowed), it’s probably because they don’t like their own body enough and think everyone else feels the same way about them.

Don’t allow this kind of thinking at your resort; it won’t help anyone. If these kinds of people stay home instead of here, we would all be missing out on one of the most beautiful things in life: body acceptance!

If you live in a place where it’s illegal to go nude, don’t start an activism campaign. Start a naturist resort instead.

4. Remind the guests when they can/should be clothed

The only time you may want to remind your guests about the nudity rules is if their children are playing in the pool or on the beach while fully clothed. If this happens, meet with parents who keep their kids dressed at all times and explain that it’s important for little nudists to enjoy freedom from clothes just like adults do; otherwise, they will grow up thinking that there is something wrong with being naked whenever they wish to be rather than doing so only when circumstances require it (like swimming lessons).

Just because I said that it’s okay for your guests to wear clothes when they feel cold, don’t allow them to complain about others who are naked all the time.

Some nudists will want to practice naturism in private because they are not yet entirely comfortable being seen naked by others, but there is no reason why you can’t have both kinds of guests at your resort.

You can allow clothed guests to attend to any of the activities at your resort so long as they are not being disrespectful to others who are naked, but you should solicit them for feedback on what kind of clothes-on activities they would like and make sure that those will be available for their benefit (maybe even with discounts!)

Some nudist resort in Florida USA
Some nudist resort in Florida USA

5. Wrapping up

If you are considering opening a nudist resort, or if your current guest wants to make their stay even more enjoyable, here are four ways that they can feel comfortable.  The first tip is about making sure the property offers enough clothing-optional accommodations so everyone feels free and safe in this environment. Next up is ensuring there are plenty of places for guests to store belongings like clothes during excursions. 

Another suggestion would be to offer full-body sunscreen at all times because it’s crucial for people who don’t wear any protective gear over their skin when outdoors. Finally, provide private changing rooms with lockers where guests can change into appropriate attire before entering communal areas on-site without embarrassment or shame.

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