The nudist lifestyle is about body acceptance and respect.

By Will

    Just like in the brief introduction to the site in my affiliate page, this site sends out the message just like what I wanna send out. I’m glad that this community exists. Different from just me (a single man) talking (which I know… to some people is not super intriguing >_<) , they are a community. Because of human gregariousness, it’s easier for people to enter that state of mind, to experience that true authentic connections with people in the most natural state without judgement or labels, to restore the pure innocence, the happiness, and the nonchalance we used to have back in Garden of Eden. Age, race, social status, sexual orientation, religion, gender, occupation… etc These differences keep us separated, fight with one another. However, when we shed those labels, we are the same. 

“except when it’s cold clothing is just as useless as selling a fridge to Eskimo”

Feature 1 : 8000+galleries

They have a huge set of galleries, showcasing many different naturist activities, events, and people. Most of us are visual learners. Pictures are more easier to grasp than words. I’m a student and I have first hand of this experience ( 😛 ). Seeing people enjoy life with smiles on their faces puts a smile on my face too. You can even share/sell photos to them to boost the communities and make a positive changes to the world.  See the galleries here 

Feature 2 : Matchmaker

Matchmaker  : There are billions (yes with a “B”) of people on this ball that we live on. Some are nice and kind people and some are assholes, although we all have assholes. LOL. Searching for a soul mate who shares your sense of freedom or looking to make friends who enjoy a natural outdoor experience might be difficult in one’s living environment, but thanks to the Internet, we are connected all over the world. You’ve found the leading online community enabling secure connections between Nudists with similar interests. 

P.S. Guess what? This feature is linked to another site call “naturist friends”. I’m so glad that two nudist communities are willing to collaborate, establishing a more wholesome and awesome facilities for nudists. HOOOOOOOOORAYYYYY~~~~

Feature 3 : News about nudes

Nudist news  and articles   : In this session, fellow nudists / naturists from all over the world share their travel tips, experiences, and anything else about nudism/naturism. A lot of informations there. Some are knowledgable or informational like “the benefits of Naturism”  or “A brief history of Naturism” . Some are personal stories or experiences Also some news related to nudism/ naturism are there too. Our body is the most precious gift and it’s (in modern societal view) a stunning and powerful way to get the messages acrosss. Many arts like drawing and sculptures featured nudity and also some protests too. 

For example: Students at The University of Salford students have stripped off to raise money for charity.

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