My thoughts on birthdays

A birthday, as the name implies, is the day a person was born and the day a mother suffered. Different cultures and religions have different ways of expressing gratitude and love to parents and to the person having his/her birthday. Almost all cultures in Asia were and are influenced by Chinese cultures to varying degrees. In most Asian countries, the birthdays of children and the elderly are generally given more attention, and each year is a family gathering, so it can be seen as a family holiday in Asia. 

A birthday is actually a day of remembrance, commemorating the day a person came into the world. This date somehow represents a person and if a person contribute greatly to a community. His birthday might be an anniversary for that community. Many religions celebrate the birth of their founders or religious figures with special holidays (e.g. Christmas, Mawlid, Buddha’s Birthday, and Krishna Janmashtami). However, as a normal person, no matter how many important anniversaries there are ; there is one, or some, that I remember, those who I love. I don’t know how God arranged for me to come into this world, but I know I am so happy because someone loves me and I love them. 

So when it was my birthday this year, I was thinking about why many people use cake as a celebration for their birthday. 🤔

In medieval Europe, it was believed that birthdays were the days when spirits were most vulnerable to evil invasion, so on birthdays, family and friends would gather to give blessings and give cakes to bring good luck and drive away the evil. Birthday cakes, which were initially only available to kings, have been passed down as a tradition to this day, so that both adults and children can buy a beautiful cake on their birthdays and enjoy the good wishes of the people. 

To be honest, I never had any celebration or parties for my birthdays growing up, nor did any of my family members. I still remember that when I talk about birthdays with my dad. He told me he didn’t get why people celebrate being one step closer to their inevitable deaths  🙄…That… is… true…😂😂 And my grandfather once jokingly said, “Since I’m over 60, from now on, every future birthdays of mine deducts 1 from my age”… We were all laughing. 

Now I’ve grown up and I don’t live with my parents. Meeting with the waitress at a coffee shop along the way to my university occurs more often then meeting with my parents. After pondering the meaning of birthday, instead of a party, I would rather spend the day naked and alone for self-reflection. It may sound cheesy. Birthday is a milestone in a person’s life, marking how many years have been spent in the world. One needs to stop on this day, thinking about the road before, and then consider how things are turning out since one’s last birthday. Life is given by parents, and birthdays are a day of suffering for mothers. It is not easy for her to bear a baby for 10 months, to give birth in one day, and to feed and to raise it for years. So I think to make my birthday meaningful, I should honor my parents, especially my mother. I made a phone call to my mom and tell her I love her ❤️. Of course, after this day, I’m one year older. Let’s grab every minute and spread love and happiness.~ Let’s dance 😀

I wish everyone could at least just for this special day be allowed to be in the birthday suit anywhere. 🤞🤞🤞


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