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How Do Naturists Perceive Life?

I am a naturist. I like to be naked. I like to be free from clothes. It may be on the beach, in the mountains, or in my private garden. Here is my story about why I love being naked and why it is so important for me to let people see my body for whatever reason they desire or don’t desire. It’s also about how being naked affects me and others around me, and how you can learn from my experiences as well.

I first learned about nudism from a friend who was studying abroad in Spain. He came home with a book he had given us that explained nudism and nudists to us young kids. His explanation of the philosophy behind the practice was very interesting:

“Naturism is basically an idea that humans have been doing something all our lives without realizing it. One of its main principles is that we are not supposed to wear clothes because they interfere with our natural body functions. Instead, we should be naked to fully enjoy life by remaining comfortable, healthy and happy. The biggest difference between being clothed and being naked is simply whether or not someone else sees your body or not. So if only one person sees you, you’re considered naked, but if nobody sees you except for those around you, then you are considered clothed (to use an English term).”

That was a big revelation to us! We were so excited that we could show our bodies anywhere. We had no idea it would lead us into a whole world of self-discovery. And here I am today — still learning about myself as a person — but still enjoying myself as much as ever before!

1. How does it feel?

The first thing many people will ask you is, “how does it feel?” That question has been answered by most naturists who have met me personally:

It feels great! It feels wonderful! It feels right! It feels right just the way I want it — no matter what situations or weather conditions I experience while out in public wearing nothing but my skin. When I have been on vacation without clothes on, in order to relax in nature or when I have needed clothing while out on vacation because of extreme heat weather conditions at night time when temperature drops below freezing point such as during one of those Siberian winter storms, then that feeling has been described as “freezing cold”

2.Definition of nudism and nudist behaviors

A lot of people still don’t understand what nudism is. We’re either too stilted, or we have a hard time understanding the idea of being naked in public. I think this is because we all have a certain image of naturism in our heads. We think that naturist resort is an act of nudity, so it always makes sense to be nude there.

To be honest, it’s not just about the naked body, however. Naturist resorts are full of people living their lives in a natural way — free from stress, loud noises and other distractions — where they can live as they want without any drama or pressure. There are special services like yoga classes and swimming lessons to help you get more relaxed and by doing so relieve stress and make you feel good physically and mentally.

The people who come to these resorts are usually looking for something different than people who go to the beach after work; they want to be away from everything that makes them stressed out at home.

Naturists don’t mind changing clothes if it’s not too much trouble but otherwise they generally prefer their clothes on the whole lot (unless they were going skiing). The most important thing is to feel comfortable with your body, whatever it looks like in your own skin; if you don’t like your body shape then no one else will either! As long as everyone feels comfortable at the resort — including those with disabilities — then everyone will enjoy themselves there!

3. Why are people going to nudist resorts?

Nudism is not just for sunbathing. Naturists are not just in search of their own bodies. They are in search of the body that can be seen by others. They want others to see and appreciate their body. That’s why they will go naked at nudist resort.

Nudists desire to be free from the constrictions of clothing, the pressures of social norms as well as the pressure on themselves to conform to cultural expectations and gender roles.

For many naturists, nudism is a way of life with its roots in ancient Greece when people would have a constant flow of water flowing through their homes. In other words, naturism was originally a communal lifestyle where people lived together and never left their homes naked except for bathing or sleeping in specific circumstances.

Some people are drawn to nudism because it is a way for them to break away from societal expectations about what you should wear or how you should look and feel without worrying about what others might think about it or about how your choices affect your image as an individual or as part-time nudist.

People who choose not to wear clothing but still feel comfortable in public prefer being nude than wearing clothes because:

  • They do not feel self-conscious when being nude because they do not have clothing that restricts movement;
  • Clothing allows them more freedom in terms of movement and expression;
  • Clothing might make them uncomfortable while they are nude because they often find it difficult to undress completely without moving parts (e.g., exposing genitals);
  • Clothing adds another layer of barriers between themselves and other people during instances when they choose to be nude;
  • Clothing prevents the person from being visible through clothing (e.g., clothes covering the body).

4. How do they feel about public nudity?

Nudism is one of the most common forms of body contact. It’s something that we do by choice. In a society where the sexualization of all bodies is always on people’s minds, it’s no wonder that so many people are curious about what it means to be naked for them.

It isn’t just a matter of bathing in the sun, but also about whether or not people can see your body from their point of view. How do they feel about showing their naked bodies in public? Do they feel that it is a sign of freedom or restraint? What makes them confident enough to show their bodies in public?

These are important questions that many people have asked themselves and may continue to ask themselves until the day when they die. I think these questions are important because they help us understand ourselves better as humans, and in turn become more confident in our own sexuality and as individuals.

Nude living magazine in 1961
Nude living magazine in 1961
Nude living magazine 2 in 1961
Nude living magazine 2 in 1961
Nude living magazine 3 in 1961
Nude living magazine 3 in 1961

5. Conclusion

In this post I want to focus on the nudist scene, specifically naturism and its possible connection with a certain type of psychology.

This was my story as a naturist perceiving life and understanding naturist literature. I hope this article will provide some further clarity on what naturists feel about their bodies while showing how naturists perceive life — from an outsider’s perspective — in order to help naturists better understand what makes them confident enough to show themselves in public without worrying about being judged by others or feeling uncomfortable doing so.



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