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Naked in the Woods 😊🌲

Naked in Mother Nataure

In the heart of nature, clothed in light,
Bare skin whispers to the dawning day,
Naked, unadorned, a pure delight,
In Mother Nature’s arms, I find my way.

The sun’s first kiss on unshielded skin,
A gentle breeze, like a lover’s touch,
Freedom’s breath, from deep within,
In this embrace, I yield, I clutch.

No veils to hide, no walls confine,
My soul, as open as the skies,
In every leaf, a sacred sign,
In every breeze, my spirit flies.

The earth below, so soft, so firm,
It holds me close, in its ancient grip,
In this moment, no need to affirm,
I am whole, on this liberating trip.

The rivers sing of timeless tales,
The trees, in whisper, share their lore,
In nature’s grasp, all else pales,
Here, I am me, now and forevermore.

Naked, yet clothed in authenticity,
Bound to the earth, yet wildly free,
In every moment, a new intimacy,
With Mother Nature, I simply be.

To stand so bare, yet feel so full,
In her hands, my heart does tenderly beat,
In her beauty, I find the pull,
In her wilderness, myself I meet.

So here I stand, unbridled, true,
In the cathedral of the open air,
Every breath a renewal, a clue,
In nakedness, my soul laid bare.

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