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Naked in the woods 2 🌲🌲


In the forest’s whisper, unclothed and free,
Under the watchful eyes of ancient trees,
There’s a dialogue, silent yet profound,
Where self and nature’s spirit bound.

Naked toes on the earth’s soft bed,
Dappled light on skin, sunlight threads
Through leaves, a caress as light as air,
In this solitude, souls lay bare.

Reflections in the buff, amidst green and gold,
Where every truth can be told,
To the listening woods, secrets confide,
In nature’s embrace, none need hide.

Here, unadorned, stripped of guise,
Underneath the open skies,
The body converses with earth and breeze,
In the forest’s heart, spirits ease.

With every step, a revelation,
In unclothed contemplation,
The essence of being, pure and clear,
In the forest, we meet ourselves, dear.

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