Nude Shoot in the Woods III

These photos were taken by Cosimo around the time Sep, 2020 near a forest in Munich, Germany. It’s actually very near his house. 🙂 It was in the beginning of autumn but the temperature is OK. We captured the sun before he went home. 😀

I was in my natural state interacting with the nature just like how I was brought to this world. We also found out there were many abandoned establishments and we played around with them a bit. Different lighting provided by the sun gave different feeling. Tell me what’s your favorite one please? 🙂

This simple happiness gradually fades away as I grow up and it has been replaced by anxiety, shame or sexuality. My body is not shameful, nor is anybody’s body.

The photographer was nice, kind, easy going and reliable as always. He respected my personal spaces (some poses needs him to draw nearer or from different angle. He always asked me if I’m comfortable with it.) and I felt safe during the shoot.

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