My projects


Into the forest

These photos were taken by Cosimo around the time Jun and Oct,2019 near a forest in Munich, Germany. The temperature is a bit low. I felt a bit chilly during the shoot but it was a fantastic shoots with him. I brought some hot water with me and the sun showed up so the chill was taken. The photographer is nice, kind, easy going and reliable. He respected my personal spaces and I felt safe during the shoot.


Studio shots

These photos were taken by Cornelius von Drackenstein around the first half part of 2019 in his studio in Munich, Germany. It was a pleasant shot the photographer is nice. That day was a raining day and he drove me back to the train station afterwards. I was a bit nervous and a bit tense but he was considerate and willing to give me time to relax. He respected my limits and didn’t push me hard.