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Self Shot Naked Art Exhibition 🎭


In the mirror, a canvas bare,
Skin and soul, both laid to share.
Nudity, not just flesh exposed,
But a journey deep, in light proposed.

Each curve, a story to be told,
In every scar, bravery bold.
Self-love, in reflection found,
In naked truth, where peace is crowned.

Awareness blooms, in silent gaze,
In our own sight, we find amaze.
Not just a body, but a soul’s expanse,
In self-portrait, we take the chance.

To see beyond, the surface seen,
To love the depths, where we have been.
Nudity, a gateway to the mind,
Where enlightenment, we seek and find.

In this nude reflection, a discovery,
Of self-love’s most profound recovery.
A portrait painted, in light and dark,
Nudity, the most honest mark.

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