Connect with me on ModelMayhem for networking, shoots Or just making new friends and chatting.


It's a German version of ModelMayhem. Connect with me on Modelkartei for networking, shoots Or just making new friends and chatting.​


This is my Patreon page. I am happy to share the simple happiness of being naked and I'd like to keep everything free as possible. Your support means a lot to me. They will go for web hosting, video editing software, vimeo storage and supporting running and maintaining this website. (Although I built in. sometimes I really need some professional help.) I also love to interact with my audience.


This is my Twitter account. Mostly I'll upload my daily life here. At least twice a week 🙂 Also, on Twitter, there are many interesting fellow naturists there. It's a lively community.


This is my Instagram account. Many photographers showcase their work here and it's a great network to know models and artists. I'll share my work here, networking with people.


This is my Skype. Sometimes, I'll host a casual chat with my audience. Love to see you there. However, people use zoom more and I will announce it on Skype too. 🙂


Traditional yet effective way to get connected. I'll also update you with my recent activities via Email too.