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My Naked Journey 🛣️

By nakedwill

I’m Will a.k.a Nakedwill. I love being naked and I’m here to share my naked journey with y’all. Let’s be friends. 😊 I’ll share my life, my naked journey, and thoughts about topics about nudism/naturism and artistic nudity here. Wish you like my videos and my blogs. Nudity to me besides the way of expressing sexuality (which the general public seems to conflate the two) is authenticity, freedom, liberation, relaxation, equality and nature. It shows the real me and bonds with people are more solid. Nothing is fake or hidden or be ashamed of. To learn more about me, you could go to contact page to see all of my contact details or visit here for a summary of all the platforms I’m currently on

People are curious about certain things. I create a post for all the FAQs 😊 👇

Various General Topics 🙏🔶

Hey beautiful souls and bare beings! Welcome to my little corner of the internet where we dive deep into the world of nudity, nudism, and all things au naturel. I’m Nakedwill (as you may know from the above 😊), your trusty guide through the land of spiritual stripping, psychological undressing, and the liberating art of being in the buff.

Now, you might be wondering, “Will, why in the world are you prancing around in the buff?” Well, my fellow curious cats, let me tell you – there’s more to shedding clothes than just freeing the human form (though that’s a pretty great perk, if you ask me!).

Here on this blog, we explore the many layers of nudism and naturism, from its rich history dating back to the ancient Greeks (yes, they loved a good nude Olympics too! 👚🚫🙅‍♂️) to its modern-day resurgence as a lifestyle choice for those seeking freedom, connection, and a tan-line-free existence.

But it’s not all about baring it all (though that’s certainly a big part of it!). We delve into the deep end of the pool of spirituality, discussing how shedding clothes can also mean shedding societal expectations, fears, and insecurities, leading to a more authentic and connected self.

And let’s not forget the mental and physical health benefits of embracing our birthday suits! From increased body positivity and confidence to basking in the sun’s vitamin D embrace, going nude can do wonders for both the mind and body. Plus, who needs a fancy spa day when you’ve got the great outdoors as your natural playground, am I right? (say yes ! 😎)

But hey, it’s not all deep thoughts and introspection here. We also like to keep it light, fun, and a little cheeky (pun intended!). So expect a dash of humor, a sprinkle of wit, and a whole lot of casual camaraderie as we navigate the world of nudism together.

So, whether you’re a seasoned naturist or just dipping your toes (and everything else) into the world of nudism, this blog is your go-to spot for all things related to stripping down, opening up, and embracing the freedom that comes with letting it all hang out.

So grab a towel (or don’t, who needs ’em?) and join me on this wild, wonderful, and occasionally wacky adventure into the world of nudity, nudism, and the joys of living life in the raw. Let’s strip away the layers and explore the beauty of being unapologetically, unabashedly naked in both body and spirit. Welcome to the naked revolution, my friends – it’s going to be a wild ride!

Intro to my channel
(Readme Pls) Welcome to my little naked corner on the Internet

0. Why are some of your blogs are password protected? I password-protected them and only verified us…

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physical Health

In this category, I share some of my health tips that helped me and raise awareness of health issues and the importance of regular check ups.


In this category, I share some of the aspects of psychological influence social nudity has on the general public and some tips on how to remove mental obstacles for various issues.

General Topics

In this category, I talk about various topics about nudism/naturism including but not limited to nudity featuring in arts, demonstration, punishment and roles of nudity in various cultural and historical aspects


In this category, I often talk about books and articles I read online and find interesting. Book reviews and great documentaries and more


In this category, I talk about artists and their works featuring both male and female nudity. The stories/thoughts behind them and showcase their works. Hopefully, they could get more exposure.

Nudexplore more

Many more including cooking, outdoor adventures and exercising topics. I’ll create separate categories for them from general topics if the amount gets too large…

Portfolios and adventures🫶

Naked with Friends 🤝

Beneath the grand, embracing sky,
Where whispers through the leaves reply,
I stand, with nothing in between
The earth’s vast heart and my own unseen.

Bathed in sunlight’s golden grace,
The wind’s soft kiss upon my face,
Here, in nature’s vast expanse,
I find my soul’s most true romance.

Naked in the woods

The grass, a bed beneath my feet,
Each blade, a friend I warmly greet.
Around me, life in purest form,
Away from world, away from norm.

The river’s song, a gentle guide,
Its waters, where my fears subside.
In its embrace, I’m truly free,
Merged with nature’s symphony.

The birds, they sing a melody,
A tune that sets the spirit free.
I join their chorus, bold and bare,
My voice, a whisper in the air.

Naked in the woods 2

In this moment, nothing’s hidden,
Every societal norm, now forbidden.
Just the earth and sky above,
Witness to this dance of love.

Here, where elements conspire,
To fuel the soul’s deepest desire.
Naked, in the arms of nature’s might,
I find my peace, my love, my light.

So let me linger, let me stay,
In this Eden, I’ll gladly stray.
For in this dance, serene and wild,
I am nature’s own true child.

Self Portrait Nude

In the realm of artistic expression, nude self-photography stands as a profound testament to the exploration of self-identity, vulnerability, and the human form. Historically, artists have turned the lens upon themselves, not merely as an act of vanity but as a daring journey into self-exploration and the breaking of societal taboos.

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