Your body, a unique life record,

A Wonderful Gift

“Naked is a human commodity. Nudity is God’s art..”

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This is my Vimeo channel. Visit and drop a comment there. I dare you. (Please be nice ^_^)

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This is my patreon page. If you feel like supporting me, please visit the site and make me happy. (Air Hug~)

Explore The nature naturally

I’m Will and this is my YouTube channel, where I share my naturist journey and my life as well as information about naturism, health and other things here.

My model portfolio

Here, I showcase some of my photos in a hope to connect to and learn from artisits, phptographers, and models around the world. Some were taken on my own and some by photographers. Any suggestions / criticisms are welcome. Drop me a line. I don’t bite.

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I am on Modelmayhem.