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Exploring the Nudist Beach at Freimann, Munich

A journey to the nudist beach (well it’s not technically a beach but I think beach would be a great word due the serenity and tranquility there inside a big city) at Freimann, Munich, away from the city.

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Arrival at the Bus Station

Alright, this is the bus station that I’m after. The bus station is somewhat away from Munich city, as it goes into a city called Untertürkheim. Let me paint a picture of the surroundings of this area – it’s a station by a canal.

So right now, I find myself at the station, en route to a particular place. This place is not officially designated for nudists, but some dedicated nudists have shared that it’s unofficially recognized as one. Today, I am here to explore and see if that stands true or if it’s just a fragment of the past.

By the way, this place is called Freibad FKK Manöver. It boasts a pebble beach where one can indulge in sunbathing in the nude, creating a liberating and relaxed atmosphere.

I’m walking towards our destination, which isn’t the official nudist spot. There’s a tennis court in the vicinity, and given that it’s a weekday, especially a Wednesday around 2 pm, I assume there won’t be a large crowd. The majority may consist of retirees who have the luxury to enjoy such leisurely activities.

The ambiance here is serene and tranquil – a stark contrast to bustling tourist spots with blaring music and loud chatter. Perhaps the calmness owes itself to the fact that it’s a weekday and many individuals are occupied with work or other engagements.

Regulations are in place to ensure the sanctity of the area, prohibiting activities like grilling, fires, cycling, or bringing pets during specific times.

I notice some individuals already reveling by the lake, but our destination lies elsewhere. As we proceed, we have to choose between two paths, marked by a sign indicating ‘Watch Out for Toad Migration,’ which sparks a moment of curiosity and speculation.

Now, I’m strolling along a narrow pathway, appreciating the tranquility that engulfs me. The atmosphere exudes a sense of peace and freedom, inviting me to embrace the natural surroundings.

In front of me lies the pebble beach, where individuals can bask in the sun in their natural state. The nearby river is shallow, allowing one to immerse themselves ankle-deep, providing a refreshing experience amidst the warm summer weather.

Adjacent to the pleasant riverbank, the continuous flow of traffic on the nearby highway adds a unique backdrop of sound. Initially perceived as noise, it gradually transitions into a comforting white noise, blending harmoniously with the environment.

I come to realize that the cacophony of cars passing by becomes a soothing melody of everyday life. Despite the audible traffic, the warmth of summer and gentle breeze create a comfortable setting, ideal for unwinding on a weekday away from the hustle and bustle.

Observing individuals diligently collecting and disposing of litter left behind by others reinforces the importance of preserving this pristine environment. It’s a simple yet impactful gesture that contributes to maintaining the beauty of this natural setting.

Exploring Freimann

Alright, I finally found the bus station I was looking for, and it seems to be a bit away from Munich city, leading to a place called Untertürkheim. The surroundings here are quite picturesque, with a canal nearby.

Today, I am on my way to a place that may not be an officially designated nudist spot, but I’ve heard from some die-hard enthusiasts that it is considered as one. So, I’m excited to explore it and see if it lives up to its reputation.

By the way, the place is called Freimann, and it features a pebble beach where you can comfortably sunbathe and enjoy the serene atmosphere sans clothes. The freedom and leisurely vibe of this place is quite appealing.

As I walk towards the destination, I notice a tennis background nearby. It’s a Wednesday afternoon, so I expect the crowd to be minimal, mostly comprising retirees who have the luxury of enjoying a peaceful day out.

The atmosphere here is truly calming and tranquil. Unlike typical tourist spots with loud music and chatter, Freimann offers a more serene and laid-back ambiance.

It’s interesting to note that certain activities like grilling, setting up wildfires, cycling, or bringing pets along are prohibited during specific times, adding to the overall peaceful environment.

I observe some people already having a good time by the lake, but I continue on my path towards the pebble beach, which is our main destination.

After walking for a bit, I reach the pebble-strewn beach, where nudity is not just allowed but encouraged. The shallow river flowing nearby provides a perfect spot to cool off and unwind. The traffic noise from the nearby highway takes a little getting used to, but eventually, it blends into the background like a soothing white noise.

Despite the occasional noise, the warm weather and gentle breeze create a comfortable setting. Visiting on a weekday ensures fewer crowds compared to peak seasons, offering a more private experience.

As I walk along the stream, I notice some individuals diligently collecting trash left behind by others. I decide to join in, understanding the importance of maintaining the beauty of this natural setting by cleaning up after ourselves.

Exploring Freimann has been a unique experience, where the blend of nature, freedom, and respect for the environment come together to create a truly special atmosphere.

Weekday Visit

Alright, so today I decided to visit the bus station that is a bit away from Munich city, leading to a place called Untertürkheim. The surroundings of this area are quite scenic, with a canal nearby.

Upon reaching the station, I set off towards the destination I had in mind. Although not a dedicated area for nudists, some die-hard enthusiasts mentioned that it’s considered an official spot unofficially. Intrigued by this information, I wanted to see it for myself. The place, known as Freibad Man, boasts a pebble beach where visitors can sunbathe and relax in the nude, creating a free and leisurely atmosphere.

As I walk towards the unofficial nudist spot, I notice a tennis background along the way. It’s Wednesday, a weekday, around 2 pm, which generally means fewer people around. The majority of visitors are retired individuals enjoying their leisure time, contributing to a serene and peaceful atmosphere. The absence of loud music or boisterous crowds typically associated with tourist attractions adds to the tranquility of the place.

Despite the laid-back vibe, there are certain prohibitions in place, such as no grilling, wildfires, cycling, or bringing pets during specific times. These rules help maintain order and preserve the natural beauty of the surroundings.

As I observe people having fun by the lake, I remind myself that my destination lies elsewhere. Following the path, I come across a sign cautioning about toad migration, adding a touch of wildlife charm to the journey.

Navigating through the area, I finally reach the pebble beach designated for nude sunbathing. The shallow river in front of me offers a refreshing escape, with ankle-deep waters perfect for a relaxing dip. The ambient noise from passing cars on the nearby highway blends into the background, eventually becoming a comforting white noise.

While the traffic noise may not suit those seeking absolute tranquility, the warm summer weather and gentle breeze make it an enjoyable experience, especially on a quiet weekday devoid of the usual tourist crowds.

Upon noticing some individuals collecting left-behind garbage along the stream, I decide to join them in maintaining the cleanliness of this beautiful area. It’s a simple act of common courtesy that goes a long way in preserving the environment.

Arrival at the Nudist Beach

As I set foot at the bus station, my excitement levels surged. This station seemed a bit distant from the hustle and bustle of Munich, leading to the tranquil city of Untethering. The surrounding area exuded a sense of calm and peace, setting the perfect tone for what was to come.

The place I was heading to wasn’t officially designated for nudists, but I had heard whispers from dedicated naturists that it was somewhat of an unofficial spot. With a mix of curiosity and anticipation, I embarked on my journey to explore this hidden gem.

The beach, known as Free Man By Man, greeted me with its pebble shore invitingly. Here, one could bask in the sun in their most natural form, embracing freedom and leisure amidst nature’s embrace.

Walking towards my destination, not the official nudist area but an adjacent spot, I noticed a serene ambiance enveloping the surroundings. It was a weekday, a Wednesday, and the clock showed 2 pm. The absence of crowds, apart from a few retirees leisurely enjoying their day, added to the peaceful setting.

The tranquility of the place was a stark contrast to typical tourist attractions. There were no blaring music or loud conversations disrupting the harmony of nature. Instead, the gentle rustling of leaves and the soft flow of the river nearby created a symphony of serenity.

Despite being a weekday, certain activities like grilling, cycling, or bringing pets were restricted during specific times. This further enhanced the sense of peace and respect for the environment that prevailed in this secluded spot.

Walking along a small path, I arrived at the pebbled beach, a picturesque spot where one could unwind in their natural state. The river in front of me was delightfully shallow, perfect for immersing oneself ankle-deep and relishing the refreshing waters.

However, the tranquility was occasionally interrupted by the distant hum of traffic from the nearby highway. The constant stream of passing cars generated a backdrop of noise, slightly contrasting the otherwise serene atmosphere. Nevertheless, over time, I found myself adapting to this ambient sound, almost considering it a part of the natural rhythm of the place.

  • The warm summer breeze gently caressed my skin, offering a sense of comfort and relaxation.

  • Visiting on a weekday, away from the peak tourist seasons, had its advantages, as the beach was nearly deserted, providing a sense of exclusivity and seclusion.

  • Observing some individuals conscientiously picking up litter left by others, I felt compelled to join them, realizing the importance of preserving this pristine environment.

Indeed, the nudist beach presented a unique blend of tranquility, natural beauty, and a touch of urban life, making it a compelling destination for those seeking a quiet escape amidst nature’s embrace.

Environmental Responsibility

Being environmentally responsible is not just a buzzword for me, it’s a way of life. I believe in taking active steps to preserve the beauty of our natural surroundings. One of the ways I contribute to this cause is by focusing on two key aspects – collecting garbage left by visitors and maintaining the beauty of the stream.

When I visit natural areas like the stream, I always make it a point to not only enjoy the serene surroundings but also to do my part in keeping it clean and pristine. It’s disheartening to see garbage littered around such a beautiful place, so I take it upon myself to pick up any trash I come across.

Collecting garbage left by visitors may seem like a small act, but it has a big impact on the overall cleanliness and health of the environment. By picking up after ourselves and others, we can prevent pollution, protect wildlife, and maintain the natural beauty of the area for future generations to enjoy.

Another important aspect of environmental responsibility is maintaining the beauty of the stream. Streams are not just water bodies, they are ecosystems that support a wide range of plant and animal life. By ensuring that the stream remains clean and free from pollutants, we are not only preserving its aesthetic appeal but also safeguarding the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Whether it’s clearing out debris that could clog the stream, preventing erosion by planting native vegetation along its banks, or simply appreciating its natural beauty without causing harm, every little effort counts towards maintaining the health and vitality of the stream.

Through my actions, I aim to set an example for others to follow so that collectively, we can make a positive impact on the environment. It’s not just about enjoying nature, but also about taking responsibility for its preservation. Together, we can ensure that streams, like the one I visited, remain thriving habitats that benefit both wildlife and humans alike.


Being environmentally responsible involves collecting garbage left by visitors and maintaining the beauty of natural streams. It’s about taking proactive steps to preserve the environment for future generations.

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