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Difficulties I face through my naked journey

1. Unfriendly environment for naturists

It’s no news that nudists/naturists get unfairly silenced or censored. Artists, photographers and dancers or anyone who shows a little bit more of skins receive the same treatment on various platforms. I made a blog post, stop the unfair censorship of my naked body, a little while ago, raising awareness of this (venting >.<) and then moved on.ย 

I’ve been banned several times on various platforms including those allegedly nudity-friendly hosting platforms. They are not very creator friendly not just for nudity censoring.ย  For example, I uploaded a video about what I eat for breakfast and got taken down because I was “advertising” for that cereal, milk and fruit. (OK… I wasn’t aware of me being on a TV program… LOL) I was asked to upgrade to their paid plan in order to have my videos online. Later I blurred everything and reuploaded it. It got taken down again and clearly I didn’t violate any rules. After several attempts of getting in touch of them. I got an Email saying that the removal of my videos was because my videos would “hurt their brand”. (Err… yeah no wonder why if videos without nudity or sensitive discussion of topics are almost always on YouTube) After that, I can’t upload anything and they’ll ban me again and again even if I create new account and upload videos of me naked reading. So that platform is a no-go zone for me now… For nudity content, the situation is even worse… I understand that sometimes it’s hard to differentiate art, erotic art and straight up pornography. I think videos should be allowed if the creator sent documents explaining the videos and also made it clear about the purposes of the videos. Oh… of course, the content shouldn’t contain illegal stuffs like scamming, terrorism,defemation …etc. It’s really frustrating to me… YouTube(less) ?ย 

As a result, my old videos are not available. The platform I uploaded to did’t give me a chance to download my videos, which means I have to remake all my videos. I’m only able to remake some of my vids. Because of the large amount of storage space a video project takes, I have to clear out old videos files. I have tried many hard disk recovery tools and I was able to get back around half of the content. I’m glad that they’re not totally gone with the wind like a fart. ?? Constantly searching for a way to host my videos without worrying about losing them, I decided to uploaded them to porn sites. I was thinking this is the most bullet-proof way of securing my videos. I was wrong. Because of the recent crackdown, they became super strict and scrutinized all videos thoroughly and only allow people who sign up to their amateur model program to upload videos. (Yes. I applied…) I still experienced unexpected removal of my videos. For example, one of my videos got taken down because while I was talking to my cellphone introducing one of the nudists designated areas in Munich, some people appeared in my vids far in the background (can’t be recognized). People can’t be on the site if they don’t submit their IDs even though they only appeared for 2 sec not relevant to the contents and not recognizable. Another video got removed because in 3:47 (yes… they pointed out the timestamp to me) they heard other people’s voices in the background… yes just the audio… My coffee enema video got taken down as well because while I was introducing the history of the practice, I used a picture of Dr.Gerson who used coffee enema in WWI for soldiers as painkiller. He didn’t submit his ID so couldn’t show up in the video. BTW, Dr.Gerson was deceased back in 1959 so I think I need a medium to help me get the permission from him. Although to be honest, I was a bit pissed off at the berserk removal of my vids. Kudos to them. I think it’s a good idea for them to control the content and check it thoroughly because illegal porn is always associated serious crimes. They should’ve done this a long time ago so a place where consenting adults can express their sexuality freely would still exist. But… this is a huge but… I wish there were to exist a platform for nudists to share their lives and connect to like-minded people… ?ย 

2. Current solutions ???

Again and again my appeals fell on deaf ears. Again and again I got banned. After some researching, I found out that onlyfans hosts the videos on their own server so I could use that to share my videos with my supporters. However, I can’t use it as a hosting platform for sharing like YouTube… only for subscribers…also there seems no tag or folder structures. I’m wondering what platforms you use to host your videos and why? Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

3. References

More info on unfair censorship :



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4 thoughts on “Difficulties I face through my naked journey”

  1. Ricardo C. Canales

    Hi Will. I’m sorry to hear about all of the trouble you’re having posting your videos. Hopefully you’ll find a platform to express yourself freely. Just keep doing what you love and always be happy.

    1. Thank you so much. I’m working on it. It’s really hard. I’m creating a crowdfunding project of building a YouTube like site for nudists, artists, photographers to free showcase their works. I’ll inform everyone when the campaign is running.

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