In this post, I listed popular official nude places in Munich city for naked activities with a short introduction and how to get there ONLY by public transportation. Click the one you want to jump there.

1. English Garden X2

2. Flaucher 

3. Feldmochinger See 

4. Mittlere-Isar-Kanal (Bad Maria Eisiedel)

1. English Garden X2

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In this short video, I’ll introduce a famous tourist attraction, English Garden in Munich, Germany. The Englischer Garten (English Garden) is a large public park in the centre of Munich, Bavaria, stretching from the city centre to the northeastern city limits. It’s around 3.73 km square with total path length approximately 75 km. 

You might wondering why the title has a X2. It’s because Munich city actually designated 2 different spots officially for naturists/nudists to enjoy a day in the buff. One is called “English Garden, Schwabing Bay”, which is located between the Alte-Heide-Steg and the Sulzbrücke in the north of the English Garden. The area is exactly within the sidewalk. I frequent this spot a lot because my student dorm is right beside this spot near U6 subway station “studentenstadt” (student city. It’s probably the largest student dorm area in Munich.) However, there is basically no one practicing nudism here. Almost always, I’m the only one who’s naked.  

There are sights and attractions in English Garden and another officially naked designated areas is called “Schönfeldwiese” (Beautiful field meadow) located between the Monopteros and the Japanisches Teehaus where one is allowed to be naked. It falls right in the middle of a busy city and the university is very close to it too. In this “urban naked zones”, no one can tell you to cover up. Many Germans practice naked sunbathing and swimming since 1960. This caused quite a sensation at the time and also made the English Gardens well-known. Read more about English garden here.

However, there’s trend in Germany indicating a decline in practicing naturism/nudism or just naked sunbathing. I have insinuated nude sun bathing or naturist lifestyle to my classmates and friends. They were shocked, but later most of them told me that they are not going to be part of it but generally they feel ok with others being naked. I wish the naked sunbathing/ lifestyle can be passed down with younger generations. Being naked is so relaxing, free and comfortable. Have you visited any nudist/naturist resorts or facilities ? Where are those? How do you think of them? Let me know in the comment below 😊 

2. Flaucher

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Flaucher is probably the nicest nudist/naturist paradise in Munich. It’s 3 huge islands along Isar river. It’s very close to the city zoo but a bit away from the city center.  Very very nice place to be naked and enjoy a day. Reachable by a boardwalk, most of the nude bathers wade further away from the main area to relax in peace. This is one of the rare places where young people outnumber the old. I’m really happy to see nudism passes down to some younger people. Located near the zoo, visitors can park in nearby lots or arrive via UBahn (subway) line 3 at Thalkirchen. From there, walk toward Thalkirchner bridge on the east side then to the Boardwalk. (in the video, I showed how one could reach the spot only using public transportation.)

Its gravelly banks (not sand so bringing something soft to sit or lie on is recommended) are open to naked activities. I have been there several times. I did yoga naked. There were a group of people chilling naked with pop music and singing. A guy practiced jiggling naked and 3 girls practiced dancing naked. It is a really lively naked community with people of difference age, gender and races reading, singing, dancing or swimming naked.. It is named after the popular Munich beer garden, Zum Flaucher. 

Read more about Flaucher here

3. Feldmochinger See

Feldmochinger See is 16 hectares and is up to six meters deep. Different areas of the lake offer imbisses, a biergarten, family fun like mini-golf, ramps for those with disabilities and there are also trees and shrubs for modesty. It’s super nice and please be nude when you go there ^. ^

In a northwestern suburb (it’s still reachable by public transportation. In my video, I detailed how one could reach Felmochinger see by subway and bus), this sparkling lake offers ample lawn and spacious views for the naked visitors. It is the largest of three lakes known as Dreiseenplatte (Feldmochinger See + Lerchenauer See + Fasaneriesee). 

Each part of the lake bank has its own features. For example, in west bank, grilling/barbecue is allowed here. There are several volleyball courts and a fitness trail available and after a nice workout, one could reenergize, quench the thirst and hunger with cool drinks and small bites at a small kiosk with a few beer benches in front of it. In east bank, large sand playground and a kiosk offering cool drinks, ice cream and many small snacks attracts many visitors especially families from all over the world. Children of all ages to build castles and enjoy the family quality time with their families. Oh~ there is a mini golf course and a car park are also nearby.

The FKK section is at the southeastern end of the lake. Yeah~~ In this large, somewhat separated nudist area, you can indulge in the warmness from the sun in the most natural state undisturbed here. Oh~ one thing to mention is that here the nude zone is clearly separated ( I think it’s because of complaints). so please only be nude in the designated area to avoid a happy mood ruining complaints.

4. Mittlere-Isar-Kanal (Bad Maria Eisiedel)

This leisurely section of the Isar River is the perfect place to show your body to the sun. The Maria Einsiedel natural swimming pool is beautifully located on the Isar. There are plenty of open spaces, narrow islands, and sandy inlets to lie down and even some woods to take a break from the heat. BBQs are allowed at select locations (although if you’d like to fish it requires a license). It is the ideal location for a day out. 

In addition to a swimming pool with a length of 50 m, which is connected to a non-swimmer area, there is a mixed nudist area and a specially designated women’s nudist area. Also there is a very large leisure area with a children’s playground, floor chess, a football field and a kiosk with a beer garden. One can find the pool by googling the following address Zentralländerstraße 28 and can be easily reached with the Thalkirchen (U3 subway line). Specifically, Maria Einsiedel is a western Biergarten about 200 meters to Marie Klaus bridge in the north and south to Hinterbrühler lake. The east bank of the Isar, about 100 meters before the footbridge to the English Garden, is another option.

Although in general, Germans are tolerant towards nudity, there are still risks of prudish and overly conservative people finding out and then reporting... some places I'll keep them patron exclusive (not public available). Most of those places are NOT official places to be nude.  Because of its nonofficiality (is it a word?) and only a handful of die-hard local nudists know, it might be reported if they were to be made public. There are numerous places which went through the same fate. Nowadays, police officers patroll there to fine people swimming naked or exercising naked there.😞😞😞😞..


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I'm Will. Normal student who loves to be naked.


Roger · April 3, 2021 at 7:08 am

Hi Will.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge about nudist places to go to. Hope the videos will show up anywhere else (on Youtube they are gone) so we all can learn more about these places. Thanks Will, have a great naked day.

    will · April 8, 2021 at 8:59 pm

    Yes. Thank you for your comments. I will. YouTube just removed my contents and terminated my account with no prior warning, strikes or anything. Just bam! Gone. They don’t even have the decency to let me download the videos I uploaded. I need to remake those videos… which I’ll do in the summer because I need to visit those areas again,shoot the vids and edit them. (if the situation of Corona will be under control) I’ll do that once I’m allowed to. 🙂

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